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Earthquake History of Los Angeles

Last updated August 16, 2023

1857M 7.9 San Andreas Fault
Fort Tejon Earthquake

1916M 6.0 Lockwood Valley and San Andreas Faults
Tejon Pass Region Earthquake

1920M 4.9 Newport-Inglewood Fault
Inglewood Earthquake

1933M 6.4 Newport-Inglewood Fault
Long Beach Earthquake

1941M 5.1 Newport-Inglewood Fault Zone
Torrance-Gardena Earthquake

1951M 5.9 San Clemente Fault
San Clemente Earthquake

1971M 6.6 Sierra Madre-Cucamonga Fault
San Fernando Earthquake aka Sylmar Earthquake

1979M 5.2 Anacapa-Dume Fault
Malibu Earthquake

1987M 5.9 Puente Hills Fault
Whittier-Narrows Earthquake

1988M 5.0 Raymond Fault
Pasadena Earthquake

1989M 5.2 between San Pedro Basin and Palos Verdes Faults
Malibu Earthquake

1990M 5.8 San Jose Fault
Upland Earthquake

1991M 5.8 Clamshell-Sawpit Canyon Fault
Sierra Madre Earthquake

1994M 6.7 Pico Thrust Fault
Northridge Earthquake

2008M 5.5 between Chino Fault and Whittier Fault
Chino Hills Earthquake

2014M 5.1 Puente Hills Fault
La Habra Earthquake

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