Things to consider while reviewing the proposal
Mention our experience and low overhead so we should be able to match our competition if it's apples to apples.
Since we do more seismic retrofits than any other company in the Bay Area and buy our Simpson hardware in such bulk, we should be able to match any competitors proposals as long as the scopes of work are comparable.
Liability insurance and workers comp.

We are fully licensed, bonded and insured (up to $2,000,000) for your protection and ours.

Kind, courteous, and highly trained employees

Working in the crawl space is very difficult! Even though we've evolved our processes, tools and techniques over the past 20+ years of seismic retrofitting experience there's simply no easy way to get things completed properly.  Even though this is the case, every one on our team takes great pride in the product we're delivering to our customers. When looking back at a properly completed retrofit, knowing we've helped protect our clients health, safety and securing of a major investment, it brings us all great pride and satisfaction which will be evident in any and all interactions with any of our team members.

Alternate Load Path (ALP)

Not all retrofit projects are the same. The prescriptive components of "Plan Set A" will address a majority of the seismic retrofit components for most residential structures, but not all. The main philosophy of any seismic retrofit is to create a sufficient "continuous load path" from the concrete foundation up into the wood framing of any structure.  When the standard hardware defined by "Plan Set A" just will not work for any number of reasons we can refer to the FEMA Plan Set for "Vulnerability-Based Seismic Retrofit" of residential family dwellings. In these cases we'll figure out the best method to mount a new pressure treated wood member to the foundation wall (at which point it's called a 'ledger') and then use appropriate hardware to connect the newly mounted 'ledger' to the flooring system of the home. When this type of solution is used we refer to it as an "Alternate Load Path" (ALP). We use the "Alternate Load Path" (ALP) terminology because it's not listed on the most commonly applicable Plan Set A. If your retrofit will require ALP, the exact methods to be used will be explained to you and pictures shared with you from our initial inspection can be marked up so that the ALP techniques will be clear to you prior to any commitment.

how long the project will take

Most projects are 1-3 days

Post to beam and crack stich plate options

For existing vertical perimeter wall foundation cracks that are 1/8" or wider we suggest filling the crack with epoxy and then installing a 6" (ht) X 30" (wd) X 1/4" (thick) steel plate with two 1/2" Titen HD retrofit bolts on each side of the crack to prevent the further displacement of the foundation at that point.

We also have programs available for people that may need to spread their payments out over 90 days

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we accept all major credit cards

No deposit is required -- payment in full after the work is complete.

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Links to simpson hardware used and installation techniques

Simpson Strong-Tie Residential Seismic Retrofit Guide
Simpson Universal Retrofit Foundation Plates (URFPs)

examples of alt load pics, post caps, stich plates etc.
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