Final inspection scheduling, what to expect on inspection day.

Please note we can only schedule the date for now and the inspector will be contacting you the morning of that day to let you know a more definitive time of their arrival.  The inspection itself doesn’t usually take more than 20 minutes.
how we schedule the inspection

A few days to a week following your retrofit installation, we will contact you to schedule a final inspection appointment with your local building department. Sometimes we’re able to schedule your final inspection on the same day as your installation, but in most cases we will be contacting you about setting this up as a separate appointment that reflects your and inspector availability.

types of inspections may vary. pics, video or in person.

Many jurisdictions are now doing virtual/remote inspections and may not need to enter the crawlspace. Most inspectors will call on the morning of your inspection to confirm their arrival window. When they call, please promptly tell them, “I have a folder link to email you with full perimeter Post-Retrofit Photos and other inspection assets for you to review” incase they don’t already have it.  You can also download the photos and have them available to show the inspector on a laptop or tablet as well.

Home owner will be required to be there unless other arrangements are made.

Please send picture of signed final if possible for our records.

Once the inspector signs your inspection card or sends a signed final to you via email (virtual), please take a picture of… or scan… or forward… the signed final to us via email.