EBB Timeline

When EBB registration opens, it's typically active for about four weeks.

Once EBB registration closes it's typically about four weeks before they start notifying the first round of participants that they can proceed with the process. (the initial contractor inspection can take place prior to registration and participation notification).

The folks not selected in the first wave of participation will be notified that they are on the 'wait list'. (typical time spent on the 'wait list' prior to acceptance to participate can range from 1 to 10 months, some have remained on the wait list up to 12 months).

Once being chosen and notified of approval to proceed means you've entered "Phase 1" of the EBB program process. Your original "Phase 1" deadline will be 90 days from the date you were chosen to participate and notified of the status change.

When given approval to proceed from the EBB the permit application can be submitted.  Depending on jurisdiction the turn around time from application to issuance of the permit can be anywhere from 1 week (very few are this timely) to 5 months (very few take this long).  MOST jurisdictions are around 3 to 6 weeks turn around from permit application submittal to issuance.

Because various jurisdictions have different timelines for processing permits, the EBB will grant extensions to the initial "Phase 1" deadline. We handle the procurement of deadline extensions for ALL of our EBB Clients, as needed. (EBB doesn't like to extend deadlines until the current one is within 1 week! They do this to avoid the need to provide multiple extensions when building departments are slow to process new requests).

Once the permit has been issued we upload a copy of it along with the other EBB program "Phase 1" requirements.

From the point of the Phase 1 requirements being met, it has been taking FEMA up to 10 weeks (sometimes more) before they grant the "Approval to Proceed" with the project work.

The next EBB deadline, "Project Completion" is 6 months from the date on which FEMA grants the approval to "Proceed with the Project." This window has proven to be plenty of time and we've never had to request any deadlines extensions for this phase in the 7 years the program has existed.

Once the seismic retrofit has been installed then we schedule the final inspection by the building department (See Final Inspection section in FAQs for the typical details of this process).

When the final inspection has passed we then upload a copy (picture) of the signed off permit inspection card (Job Card) to your EBB dashboard along with the other requirements (photo documentation that we also take care for you).

We let you know when this step is completed and provide you with the information needed in order for the entire process to be completed and your 'program payment request' submitted.

It's at this time that you will receive your Dwelling Retrofit Verification (DRV) form from us. It's this DRV that can reduce your earthquake insurance premiums up to 25% should you carry it.

It's generally been 2 to 3 weeks from this point that our clients receive their $3,000 program payouts. (We're still at 100% of our EBB clients receiving the full payment amount!)
Plans - permit scheduling and time lines

you will be contacted to schedule your no-later-than install date.

you may be offered earlier install dates

Plans drawing process
Permitting process
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